Why I'm running for Delaware County Court Judge...


A strong family court judge is incredibly important in our community. A judge has a great, and immediate impact on the families that appear before him. Approximately 45% of families go through divorce or separation. That is almost every other home in our neighborhoods. If on your street you are not involved in family court then statistically your neighbor probably is. A good judge can: immediately protect kids, help to ease the tensions and violence in our families, and expedite the healing process. Helping and supporting families is big step towards a stronger, happier community.


A county court judge is incredibly important in our community. A judge has a great, and immediate impact on those who appear before him.

The court system plays a critical role in the judicial process, impacting which arrestees are charged with and potentially convicted of a criminal offense. The court system consists broadly of prosecution, pretrial services and detention, defense services, and courts of limited and general jurisdiction, and oversees the adjudication process for juvenile and adult offenders.

A County Court judge has wide range of resources available to him to supervise the system and application of justice appropriately and fairly. From monitoring and assessing the appropriateness of plea bargains to sentencing, a fair and compassionate Judge with actual court experience can draw on his professional experience to help provide a just outcome for not only victims and their families but the defendant as well.

For over 29 years, Joe has appeared in the court system throughout New York State and has zealously represented individuals on an almost daily basis. Participating in thousands of conferences, negotiations, hearings, and numerous jury trials, Joe has successfully engaged in all aspects of the court system.

Did you know in Delaware County, County Court Judges also have a role in the Family Court system? Joe also has experience in family law. He has demonstrated and documented experience walking numerous: mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters through family court. Carrying and understanding their emotions as they walk through some of the hardest days of their lives. Watching how the stress can affect and tear at the family relationship, learning to step in appropriately and help give them their best future. The unmatched experience Joe has in family court is yet another example of the experience Delaware County should demand from a County Court Judge.

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